Sunday, November 28, 2010

October Meeting

October 11 EAA Chapter 704 Meeting Minutes:
The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Dave Duperron.
We began with the pledge of Allegiance.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved with one correction. (Paul Zimmer is not Paul Zimmerman) So sorry.
Treasurers Report shows a balance of $ 1053.45.
Old Business:
Dave asked our members if they thought it was a good idea to pay dues to the Michigan Private Air Strip Association. Vic Johnston discussed the benefits. A motion was made by Ron Fritz and approved by the chapter.
New Business:
Our combined Christmas Party with chapter 233 will again be at John Gills hanger on December 6. As usual everyone will bring a dish to pass.
Notice of the Greenville Poker Run for October 22:
Dave asked for volunteers to be on an election committee to nominate officers for 2011
We will elect our new leaders at the November meeting, while Paul Gill makes hamburgers for everyone.
Motion was made and approved to donate $100.00 to the Boy Scouts, thanking them for helping at the pancake breakfast.
Paul Zimmer talked about the procedures for Young Eagles Flights.
A documentary film on War Birds of World War II Airplanes was shown until adjournment at 9 PM.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sec. John Gill

Links of interest

Links of interest.
House of Representatives support for backcountry airstrips
Co-Pilot for Iphone/Ipod
CoPilot is a flight planning program for general aviation. It performs the calculations that you would normally perform with a ruler, a protractor and an E6B calculator. It performs time, distance, heading, fuel and weight & balance calculations.

Re Registration


According to the FAA, about one third of the approximately 357,000 aircraft registered in the United States have inaccurate records. To clean up what they say has become a database riddled with incorrect addresses, aircraft that have been destroyed, etc., the agency has made a decision to require all currently registered aircraft to be re-registered. Essentially they're starting with an empty ledger, and will fill it out in the next three years.

September Meeting Minutes

EAA Chapter 704 Meeting Minutes: Sept. 13,2010
Meeting opened by Dave Duperon with the Pledge of Allegiance:
Treasurer’s Report shows a balance of $1,135.44
Paul Zimmerman reported on the Aug 28 Young Eagles Event. They flew 45 Young Eagles after a short weather delay.
Dave Duperon will send thank you notes to the volunteer pilots.
PJ is creating a face book page for 704’s Young Eagles. The address is “face book young eagles.” A discussion on the benefits of being on face book followed.
Ron Fritz let us know that he still uses an old typewriter and not a computer.
The Young Eagles credits from 2009 were given to Evan Mason for the EAA Academy.
We discussed sharing the proceeds from the pancake breakfast with the Boy Scouts.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 followed with a trip to Paul Kovalak’s to view his RV7-A project.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sec. John Gill

A trip To Paul's House

At the meeting September 13th.

I got a call from Pres-Dave and an email from Paul Kovalak about a presentation for the September meeting. We are going to get together at the Sparta Airport Lounge and take care of the normal business for the chapter. Then for all the people that want to, we will go over to Paul Kovalak’s home and check out his project. He has his RV-7a coming along great. I think it is great that he is willing to do this. You know all pilots pay attention to detail. So inviting a bunch of pilots over to see a project that you are working on is a great way to motivate other people that are dragging their feet (I’m guilty of that). So come to the meeting and then come see Paul’s workmanship on a great plane.


2010 Young Eagles

Young Eagles

We had another good Young Eagles day at Sparta airport. The Pilots and volunteers did a great job at helping all the kids and some of the parents getting a ride in an airplane to introduce them to aviation. Paul Zimmer has organized another great Young Eagle day. He and his family do a great job helping out. Scott Richmond also did his part. He helped get the insurance worked out with the EAA . He also talked me into flying the kids, I need to thank him for that. PJ did the certificates with the pilots signatures and helped out with the post-flight gifts. All the others including our Pres-Dave Dupperon had a smile on their face and helped keep everything going. I need to apologize because I can’t remember all names of the people that helped out. I’m just terrible with names.

I do know that this was my first time flying YE kids. I had a great time. No one puked in my plane (bonus) and smiles were plentiful. I never thought that flying the kids was going to be so much fun. Just this past week I got the information package from EAA and welcoming me to the ranks of YE Pilots. EAA gives they pilots an information package with certificates and registration forms, first class package to keep a pilot sharing the experience of flight with more kids.

Thanks Paul and everyone that helped. Special thanks to the pilots.

Blue Skies,


AirVenture 2010

As AirVenture 2010 draws ever closer, here's a few tips to help make your visit a little bit easier on your stress level and even your pocketbook. First, you can still pre-purchase tickets online and print them to save time at admissions. Before you pre-purchase your tickets, make sure that your EAA membership is current since EAA members get a significant discount over non-members. EAA member can also purchase passes for friends at the discount rate, plus if you buy a weekly ticket for a friend, they will receive a free 6-month EAA membership, redeemable at the EAA Welcome Center.

You can also pre-pay for your campsite in Camp Scholler if you plan on arriving between Thursday, July 22 and Monday, July 26. You'll receive express entry into the campground during peak hours, saving you some waiting time. When you get to Oshkosh, follow the signs to EAA Camping. A red "pre-paid" camper sign will direct you from there. You can finish up your registration at the "Online Prepaid Camping" building. While you're there, you can also redeem your advance purchase admission, or buy additional tickets.

AirVenture can seem daunting, but a little bit of preparation beforehand will help things go smoothly.

June Meeting Minutes

The chapter met at John Gill’s hanger at 6 PM to dine on hamburgers and brats.
The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by President Dave Duperron.
There were 23 members present and seven guests. (David Meinke, David Moody, Dale Buttermore, Cameron Therese, Nick Kline, Peter Neal, and Cory Reimink.)
President Dave explained that Scott Richmond has the Media all set for the “Pork on the Hoof” barbeque on Aug. 21st. He also discussed buying a commemorative brick at the Brown Arch at Oshkosh. No action was taken.
The newsletter will now be posted on the airport computer.

A reminder of the Chapter 211 September 24 bus trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio (All payments are due in full by July 15). Please mail checks to Walt Clawson, payable to EAA Chapter 211.

Cost for overnight at Hampton Inn, is $94.00 per night for double occupancy.

Cost per seat for the bus transportation is $46.00.

After the meeting several members gave plane rides to anyone wishing to fly.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Gill

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pauls's Engine

Paul Kovalak sent some photo’s of the ECI engine kit that he is putting together.
He is going ECI kit IO-360. Zimmer is installing the same basic engine with some differences only in the accessories and induction types. I plan to finish the build Thursday if all goes as planned.
That was some of the text from the email that I received on June 22nd. So the engine could be finished by now.
Paul is going t miss this upcoming meeting because his son is on leave from the Air Force Academy. (Family of fliers)
Thanks to Paul for sending in the pictures and keeping us updated on his projects.
If you have a couple pictures that you want to share please send them in. Everone in the chapter would love to see them.

Minutes from May Meeting

The meeting was called to order on May 10 at President Dave Duperron.
We began with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Paul Gill introduced the guest speaker, Steve Gutschow.
Steve has seven different turbo powered radio controlled model airplanes.

It was a good night for some demo flights, so Steve was first on the agenda.

Out on the runway, Steve explained what’s involved flying these models, including the controls and instrumentation.

The actual demo flights were very exciting to watch.
Tom Kozura gave a show and tell on his motorized bicycle. He built it to resemble a classic Indian motorcycle. It has an original1903 carbide headlight.
Paul Z gave a report on the Young Eagles. We have a camp pledge of $265.00.
Paul Gill reported on the DC 3 for Pork on the Hoof Day.

Dave asked for volunteers to fly Young Eagles at Greenville Airport on May 22nd.
John Gill passed out information sheets for the Sept. 24 trip to the Air Force Museum in Dayton OH. He also explained that if the group wants to visit the Waco factory in Battle Creek, we just need to call ahead.
Dave said there are used digital scales for sale if anyone is interested.
Dan Carlson showed his newly redesigned rudder. With the help of Larry Bauer, it now has more yaw control.

John & Paul Gill displayed a rudder and stabilizer that is being constructed for an Acro I Biplane.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by Sec.

John Gill

May Meeting RC Demo

t the May Meeting we had a demonstration of a radio controlled turbine powered airplane. Steve Gutschow came by to show us his airplanes and how they work. Steve showed us everything he does to get his plane in the air. The plane he choose to fly was not his biggest or fastest, but could han-dle the crosswind takeoff and landings.   Steve did a presentation on the aircraft showing the ducted fan engine and the other components in the fuselage.   Thanks to Steve for coming out and showing us what is possible with the Radio controlled Aircraft.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Other Projects

Tom Kosura showed the Chapter one of his more current projects. While Tom was in Saugatuck he saw a gentleman riding around on a bike that he added a motor too. Tom found out where to get the engine kit from (Battle Creek) and ordered a bike with fat tire and a Springer front suspension.

Added a carbide front light, created a gas tank front the sheetmetal of the bike. Really a nice job and attention to detail. Words don’t describe the bike very well, Tom has done another great job on a project!